Friday, 29 November 2013

Bullett Raja Movie Review: Its hard hitting political reality of Uttar Pradesh.

Movie Review: Bullett Raja
Bollywood Aaina Rating: 4/5 (FOUR STAR)
Banner: Brandsmith Motion Pictures, Moving Pictures
Producer: Rahul Mittra,Nitin Tej Ahuja,Tigmanshu Dhulia
Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia
Star cast: Saif Ali Khan,Sonakshi Sinha,Vidyut Jamwal,Jimmy Sheirgill,Gulshan Grover,Raj Babbar,Mahie Gill,Chunky Pandey,Ravi Kissen
Music Director:Sajid-Wajid
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar,Bonnie Chakraborty,Mamta Sharma,Wajid,Keerthi Sagathia,Danish Sabri,RDB,Nindy Kaur,Raftaar
Genre: Action
Run Time: 138 Minutes
Certification: U/A
What’s good? :Story, Dialogue, saif ali khan-Jimmy Sheirgill-Vidyut Jamwal Acting
What’s bad?: Sonakshi Sinha nathing new,
Watch or Not?:Yes, if you intersted in Politics.If you fan saif ali khan-Sonakshi.
Distributed by :Fox Star Studios
Bollywood Aaina Business Verdict: BETTAR AVERAGE 


The story of Bullett Raja is about the life of its titular character Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan). A strange course of events led his life from a scuffle to a gangwar. Ending up at a wedding party, he unusually bonds with Rudra (Jimmy Shergill). The gang attack at a wedding party ends them both in jail and thus begins their journey to becoming the warlords of the heartlands.Emerging as the zone’s most dreadful men, the duo incurred the wrath of a famous businessman due to their don’t-care-a-damn attitude. The rivalry costed them a hefty price and then begins the journey Raja takes up to avenge the death of his loyal friend Rudra.
In these tough times, he find love with Mitali (Sonakshi Sinha) whose warmth gave him solace and made him even more determined to tick off the men who killed his loyal accomplice and best friend. Can Raja kill Rudra’s murderers or he himself gets entrapped in the web of industrial-political nexus who see him as a threat? Watch Bullett Rja to unravel the story.
Its hard hitting political reality  of Uttar Pradesh.


Saif Ali Khan has proved his mettle for such roles in Omkara but Raja Misra doesn’t even near the intensity of Langda Tyagi. Tyagi was fiery, fiesty, bold and intense. Raja is frivolous and lacks the enthusiasm and energy. It would be advisable that Saif sticks to playing the chocolate boy ala Hum Tum. Somehow he is way better suited in such roles.Sonakshi Sinha plays the same role she has been playing every film ever since she entered the industry. Jimmy Shergill is an absolute show stealer. For the entire first half, it will be easier to give Saif a miss and keep your eyes latched on him.  his chemistry with Saif stands as the film’s only impressive bit.
Raj Babbar is great in his bit and so is Gulshan Grover. But both Ravi Kishen and Vidyut Jamwal are wasted in the film. Vidyut especially makes a solid entry and shows traces of getting you glued to the screens. But with such limited screen space, the actor is seen wasting his caliber in a role that doesn’t do justice to his vivacious potential.
Direction / Music / Lyrics /Editing / Camera

Tigmanshu Dhulia bites off more than he can swallow in this one. An overtly ambitious project, Dhulia tries to bring aesthetic taste to mainstream commercial cinema with this film.  Drama shifts so swiftly from one instance to another that the much needed serenity which is essential in storytelling remains obsolete in the film. It is impactless and inherently passive without the steam that I was expecting.

Both the film’s music and editing were shabby. The editing especially took the film down as it chopped off the more emotional sequences of the story and retained the drabber ones. However the film’s dialogues does evoke appreciation as a few of them were breathtaking in parts. Sample this, “Bhai mara hai hamara, badla lena parampara hai. Koi corporate culture nahin hai ki agli deal mein adjust kar lenge. ” Lines like these leave the maximum impact with the rustic effect that Dhulia had attempted to blow us over with. However, the alarmingly incoherent overall product has no flair that we associate with the director, which is the worst part of the film.